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We entered Courage in his first real show, the Southern States Regional Morgan Horse Show. He competed in Dressage, Training Level Test 1 & 2, winning Training Level High Point score and receiving a first place in both tests with a 69.09% and 65% respectively. See an article in the Salt Block Gazette about Courage, here is the Cover and article from Page 4.

See these pictures from this spring for an update on Courage's progress. See Courage & Gloria for pictures of Courage at work this past fall and Courage at Encore during the winter for a few excellent pictures of Courage & Gloria at Encore Sporthorse Dressage Training Facility at Ovation Farm. See Courage Pedigree for an extended pedigree for Courage. See Courage Page for a flyer for breeding to Courage. See Standard Contract for the standard breeding contract for Courage.

See a quicktime movie of Courage (7.9MB) at a Peter Hansen clinic this past fall.

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